September/October 2023

The Oklahoma Freedom bull riders are bucking their way to the top; get your goth gear at Black Moth Tulsa; Oklahoma Senior Follies prove talent doesn't have an age limit; and the Blue Dome is one of Tulsa's most colorful districts.

Underground Ghost Kitchen serves frightfully delicious, innovative cuisine; Greg's Rockin' Goat Coffee gets customers rolling; Chickasha's Liberty Drug has plenty of surprises in store; and BierKraft brings the art of German beer to McAlester.

Pause4Paws derserves applause for helping Tulsa's vulnerable people and their pets; the Phantom of Fairview spooks a small town; Halloween is a hallow-win at Foss State Park; The Sound Bar keeps visitors in the musical loop; and Jerrie Cobb dances under "An Amazon Moon."

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Cocktail Couture
Cocktails can be social catalysts, culinary experiments, and even works of art in the hands of the right mixologist. Oklahoma Today web editor Greg Elwell goes in search of some of Oklahoma's best mixed drinks, and the results–including one restaurant with mocktails not to be mocked–are captivating and delicious.

Crazy Overnights
Hotels are nice, but have you ever stayed at a video arcade, a cabin filled with slides, or an elephant sanctuary? Things get weird in the best way at these rentals.

Sound Waves
Is Tulsa the next great music city in America? All signs–from Cain's Ballroom to City Hall–point to yes. Plus: A rundown of can't-miss T-Town music venues.

Lite Brite
Whether their bright glow welcomes visitors with buzzing, classical neon or bathes them in LED-powered photons, some truly spectacular signs and structures light up Oklahoma's nights.

Tales from the Dark Side
Meet three of Oklahoma's most fascinating nocturnal critters.

On the Cover
Sitting on the bar at Valkyrie in the Tulsa Arts District , the Whimsical Bee's Knees cocktail is one of a seemingly endless variety created by the bar's practiced, creative mixologists. Follow along as we sip our way through eight Oklahoma restaurants serving mixed drinks of both the alcoholic and nonalcoholic variety. In "Cocktail Couture" by Greg Elwell (page 44), explore libations from some of the state's best bars and restaurants–and maybe discover a new favorite of your own. Photograph by Lori Duckworth

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