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Oklahoma Today provides its readers the best of Oklahoma’s people, places, travel, culture, food, and outdoors in an attractive and engaging publication that enhances the Oklahoma experience. The magazine is published bimonthly in January, March, May, July, September, and November. Oklahoma Today is one of the most decorated regional magazines in American history. Since 1956, Oklahoma Today has captured the essence of Oklahoma—its people, places, food, culture, and history—through stunning photography and award-winning writing and design.

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Office Hours Our offices are open 8am to 5pm (Central Time) Monday-Friday. We are closed on holidays observed by the State of Oklahoma.

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Colleen McIntyre
Director of Operations
Nathan Gunter
Karlie Ybarra
Managing Editor
Megan Rossman
Photography Editor
Greg Elwell
Web Editor
Lori Duckworth
Bridgette Slone
Production Manager
Camille Wallace
Circulation Manager
Kashea McCowan
Research Editor

Contributing Editors

Brooke Adcox, Shane Bevel, Liz Blood, Graham Lee Brewer, Sheilah Bright, Trisha Bunce, Sara Cowan, Susan Dragoo, Lori Duckworth, John Jernigan, Brian Ted Jones, Preston Jones, Debby Kaspari, Randy Krehbiel, Quraysh Ali Lansana, Jim Logan, Melissa Lukenbaugh, Tom Luker, Jeanetta Calhoun Mish, Rebekah Morrow, Mark W. Nault, James Pratt, Robert Reid, JJ Ritchey, Dyrinda Tyson, Kim Baker, Valerie Wei-Haas, JoMarie Hickerson, Maura McDermott, David Joshua Jennings, Dick Dutton, Sam Anderson

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