September/October 2022

Follow this map to the wildest places in the state; animals are treated with compassion at Oliver and Friends Farm Sanctuary in Luther; symbolic adoptions help WildCare Oklahoma save lives; the Creative Field Guide to Northeastern Oklahoma lets kids and their parents get out and about; and Owasso has no limits on shopping, eating, or creating.

The Red Rooster in Oklahoma City has risen from the ashes; Emily and Tony Galvez are bringing more vegan options to Tulsa; Vacca Coffeehouse helps Yukon residents and visitors wake up; and Neapolitan pizza is for the people.

The Center for Wildlife Forensics and Conservation Studies is making the future safer; Nora Hall's animals of Oklahoma series is seriously adorable; Sienna Leach and WING-IT flock to rescue birds; "The Fish Ladder" offers a new perspective; and a guide to being bear aware.

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Where the Bison Roam
Bison—majestic, inspiring, indomitable—once ruled the North American Great Plains, until they were hunted nearly to extinction. Now, they are some of Oklahoma's most-loved animal residents.

Sky Dancers
Scissor-tailed flycatchers appear on all things Oklahoma, from license plates to T-shirts. But what do we really know about this unique bird?

Five Dog Nights
Want to share the joy of travelling with your four-legged buddy? Check in at one of these places, each of which welcomes and celebrates dogs.

Clever Girl
In the Oklahoma of the Cretaceous, few dinosaurs were more terrifying than Deinonychus. What Hollywood got right—and wrong—about this predator and its Atoka environs.

Animal Kingdon
Oklahoma is home to two incredible municipal zoos—in Oklahoma City and Tulsa—but for travelers looking for face-to-face encounters with animals, they are just the beginning. Follow along with this scavenger hunt through twenty-seven farms, rescues, museums, aquariums, guest ranches, and more, and your next road trip will be furry, friendly, and tons of fun.

On the Cover
Cache native John Paul Brammer, now based in Brooklyn, New York, created this digital illustration of bison in the Wichita Mountains exclusively for Oklahoma Today. Read all about these furry, fascinating prairie lords in Greg Elwell's feature "Where the Bison Roam" on page 46.