January/February 2023

Inspiration stays at The Ellison hotel in Oklahoma City; Okie Spice & Trade Co. is the new capital of Flavorville; Whodunit Dinner Theater serves laughter with a side of delicious; and in Elgin in southwestern Oklahoma, unique shops and eateries make for a great weekend getaway.

Freya is Tulsa's first taste of Scandinavian cuisine; Taco Mayo still keeps Tex-Mex fresh after forty-five years; Alva's Vanilla Bean might be hard to define, but diners know good food when they taste it; make your own (actually good) salad; and Crossing 2nd is Bartlesville's culinary nexus.

Baker Trisha O'Donoghue is buttering up customers of Quincy Bake Shop; north Tulsans are getting a handle on their health thanks in part to the Fresh Rx program; Jim Burrows waxes poetic about "Diners"; and Preston Jones kicks off his Sounds Like Oklahoma column.

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Dine & Crash
You know you've had a great meal when you get that generally triumphant lethargic feeling when food is both good and plentiful. At these four Oklahoma hotels with unbelievable culinary experiences, revel in that feeling by booking a night and dining in style.

Food Worth the Drive 2023
Some delicious spots are legendary road-trip destinations—Eischen's and Meers, for example. But we know Oklahoma's seventy-seven counties are packed with delicious greasy spoons, fine-dining havens, and food trucks that put the perfect, tasty exclamation mark on any four-wheeled journey across the state. Make your 2023 as tasty as can be with these twenty-one can't-miss restaurants.

Where There's Smoke
Cherokee chef Nico Albert Williams and her team of determined women have created more than a catering company—they've crafted a vision for Oklahoma's Indigenous future.

Thai Minded
Thailand's cuisine has found an enthusiastic audience in Oklahoma. Get to know what's what with our handy guide to Thai food.

On the Cover
Oklahoma City's Thai House is only one of dozens of restaurants across the state serving incarnations of the eye-catching, palate-pleasing cuisine of Thailand. Explore the uniquely Okie versions of southeastern Asian food in Becky Carman's "Thai Minded," starting on page 74.

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